Salvation Army feeds more than 1,000 at dinner

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) More than 1,000 people were fed by the Salvation Army at its annual Feed the Hungry event January 29, 2019. It was held at the Reno Events Center and the organization partnered with multiple businesses and agencies to provide meals to those in need.

"It's great to see the community and non-profits coming together to help meet the needs of those who have a need," Yanus Nelson, a volunteer, says.

Nelson says volunteering makes him realize how fortunate he is and motivates him to do even more in the community.

"Humbled that I have an opportunity to come out here and serve, and then thankful for my life. It gives me perspective, on, yeah, I have it pretty good with my life and it inspires me to get out and serve and I hope it does the same for my team members as well," he says.

Dale Campbell attended the event last year as well and says for him, this one hits home.

"I remember it was about this time last year I was sleeping on the sidewalk and I came out here and had this dinner," Campbell says.

He says for many, this is one of the only times they can get a hot plate.

"There's a lot of people that don't have money, that don't have resources, that don't have a car or a means to go to food banks so having something like this is a good idea," he says.