Rescue dog looking for new home

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) Nelson is a one-year-old Doberman Pinscher, looking for a second chance and a new home.

"He's very sweet. He has a very soft energy," says Jodi Horner of Boxers and Buddies. "He'll lay on the floor with you, he'll roll over and let you rub his belly. He's a very typical dog in 80 percent of the way."

What makes him a special needs dog is the fact that he suffers from vestibular disease, which is similar to vertigo.

"He walks a little weird, he does a lot of spinning. He walks with a head tilt. The placement of his feet when he's walking is a little weird," adds Horner.

Nelson was rescued from a puppy mill in Silver Springs, where he was neglected and left in bad shape. When he was found, he only weighed 47 pounds.

"When we first got him you could see every vertebrae, every rib. His hip bones were sticking out, even his head was concaved," says Horner. "And now he's just filled out beautifully."

He is now nearly 80 pounds and ready for adoption. He's good with other dogs; ideally those his size, and kids. But it's probably best not to add him to a family with young children, since he could accidentally knock them down. But he has a nice demeanor and is a people-pleaser.

"He's happy, he's healthy. He wiggles his nub just like all of the dobermans do. And he is, he's a love. He's just a special love."

Those looking to add Nelson to their family can go to Boxers and Buddies to fill out an adoption application.

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