Rescue dog in need of medical attention

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RENO, NV. (KOLO) A local rescue dog is in need of some medical attention.

"You can see that leg causes him significant pain, and that's not going to get any better without care," said Boxers and Buddies founder Sarah Anderson.

Kylo is a nine-month old Great Dane, found in a hoarding situation in Lovelock. He was living in a two-bedroom apartment with 17 other dogs, before being taken away by animal control. He was placed in an overcrowded shelter, sharing a single kennel with three other Great Danes.

"There wasn't even room enough for them to lay down," added Anderson. "It was pretty horrible, and I'm glad that they stayed there for less than 24 hours and we were able to get them out."

Kylo had been neglected, and somewhere along the way broken his left front leg. It healed incorrectly, causing his left foot to twist the wrong way.

"The pressure of him walking with his foot turned out is causing fractures in his elbow, so this is detrimental to his health," said Anderson.

They've done some initial x-rays on the leg, and more are needed. At this point they still don't know the best treatment between a prosthetic, a brace, surgery or possibly even amputation. The ulna in his front arm has stopped growing and caused the radius to turn outward.

"The radius has now hit its growth stop, but his other leg is still growing. So that disparity between the two legs is going to keep growing."

That would make amputation problematic at this age. The one thing they do know is treatment won't be cheap. And surgery will likely cost more than $10,000, which is a lot of money for a non-profit.

"We are one hundred percent based on private donation, we have no government funding whatsoever," said Anderson. "None of our volunteers get paid, all of us just do this in our spare time and dedicate our hearts and extra cash to what we can afford."

You can donate by going here: Donate to Boxers and Buddies or clicking on the Boxers and Buddies link on the KOLO Cares website: KOLO Cares.

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