Reno High Students Prepare for Safe Trick-or-Treat event

It's "Halloweek" at Reno High School and in addition to all of the festivities planned, a new idea was scared up: a week-long book drive.

"Well, the goal is 500 books but I have faith in Reno High as a community influencer that we can do a lot more," says Jeremy Guevin, Student Body President at Reno High School.

They're trying to influence younger kids by working with Spread the Word Nevada, a nonprofit which works to spread the magic of reading with kids in at-risk communities so they can build their own home libraries. Books donated to the book drive willl go to Spread the Word Nevada. But that's not all. Reno High School students are also encouraging families who attend the free Safe Trick-or-Treat event on Wednesday to donate to the book drive. There is no cost to trick-or-treat, if a family brings books to donate, they'll get tickets to play carnival games.

"When you come to the cafeteria there will be places where you can give books and in exchange for that you can have tickets to play games," says Nate Stovak, a Reno High junior in student leadership.

The leadership class as been preparing for the Safe Trick-or-Treat event since the summer-- coming up with a different theme for each classroom down the hall.

"It's basically where kids go from room to room instead of house to house and they do their trick or treating," says Cole Boyden, a Reno High junior in leadership. "It's super rewarding. The kids love it, the teachers love it and all the students who participate really enjoy it."

And now, they're nearing the end of their efforts and are getting ready to collect books and see the costumed kids who will walk through the halls on Wednesday.

"Honestly, it's the greatest," says Sydney Lamb, a senior at Reno High School in student leadership. "It's so cute to see all their costumes and it's such a safe environment. Last year was the first year I ever participated and it's just so cute to see them go to the different doors and see how excited they are."

Reno High School's free Safe Trick-or-Treat event takes place on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. inside Reno High School.