Reno Gleaning Project picking fruit for charity

RENO, NV (KOLO) During normal business hours a group of Intuit employees is underwriters with the company. The last place you'd expect to see them in the middle of the day is picking cherries.

The company, though, encourages its employees to give back to the community and they will get paid by the company for the volunteer work.
This group decided to give it all to the Reno Gleaning Project.

“We are helping the homeowner to solve that the fruit is going to waste right?” asks Jin Zhou, Intuit underwriting manager. “And so I think this is a really good project and it is really meaningful. It is great for us as a team to do that,” she says.

The underwriting manager says this is also a team building exercise, where her co-workers can learn about each other outside of work.

Pamela Mayne is the director of the Reno Gleaning Project. She helps weigh and bag the cherries, which weigh one pound a piece. They are headed to the Boys and Girls Club.

Mayne says this year will be a big fruit season.

To avoid your trees from snapping like this because of the weight of the fruit, she says, knock off some of the bulbs now, so the tree is not overcrowded come fall.

“When you have a cluster of fruit like that,” says Mayne as she points to a branch with clusters of apricots on it, “You can take off a couple of those and the two that you leave are actually going to give you better fruit. They are going to be bigger. It will be easier for the tree to get water to the fruit during our hottest months of July and August. And so we just really want to set you up to succeed,” says Mayne.

Mayne says if you would like your fruit picked this fall and donated to charity, make your request by September 15 so she can get groups like Intuit up to speed and ready to work.

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