Pet of the Week: Ryan

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Lori from Saints of the West describes the ideal home for Ryan:

"We are looking for a 6-foot fenced yard, stability, and a commitment to the increased cost of owning a large dog. As other large dogs, the Saint Bernard is prone to health issues as well as hip problems, elbow problems, heart, cancer.

"The Saint Bernard is a dog that needs lots of socialization with people and other dogs; if just left at home all the time they will become very protective of the family and can bite friends or the regular service person.

"The new owner needs to be okay with slobber, especially when the dog is drinking or eating, and lots of hair.

"Saint Bernards are a great family dog, and love kids. But families with young children need to wait until the kids are over 7 years old, as big dogs can accidentally hurt young children by knocking them over, or leaning on them, or the dogs tail hitting them in the kids' faces. A male Saint can weigh 150 pounds. Female Saints can weigh 130, which is not a match for a small child."

Call 775-475-0420.

Saints of the West