Northern Nevada HOPES provides health care, disease management

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - December 22:

Northern Nevada HOPES' clinic started 20 years ago, initially as an outpatient health center for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Now, HOPES is a federally-qualified health center that provides health care and chronic disease management for anyone in our region, regardless of ability to pay. Each month, hopes gets about 400 new patients.

If you give a monetary donation through January 2018, the donation will be matched by two philanthropists in Reno. Right now, monetary donations are key because continued funding from the federal government has yet to be approved in Washington, according to CEO Sharon Chamberlain.

"If that funding isn't restored, really across the country, federally-qualified health centers are the biggest network for serving these under-served populations. and we expect to see closures of health centers and less people being able to access care."

Chamberlain says HOPES is also always looking for volunteers.

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