More allegations thrown in school superintendent saga

RENO, NV (KOLO) Just last week, the Washoe County School District claimed Superintendent Traci Davis was taking a “Leave of Absence.” New information indicates school board President Katy Simon-Holland, who made that announcement indicating she didn’t know the exact reason for Davis’s leave, actually made it part of a potential settlement agreement.

In fact Simon-Holland presented a packet containing allegations against Davis to the superintendent in early June, just after Incline High School graduation ceremonies.

Superintendent Traci Davis was supposed to return to work Thursday at the school district's administrative building. She didn't show, but what she would have found was a skeleton crew there.

That's because the district told employees they could work from home, and according to the school board president there was good reason for the move.

“I've gotten calls from employees who feel very threatened by her,” said Simon-Holland. “They feel intimidated by her and bullied by her,” she said.

This is the first time many people may be hearing about the bullying and intimidation allegations against Davis. But in the recent turn of events, it’s perhaps the tip of the iceberg.

“I believe she should be terminated for cause,” says Simon-Holland.

Simon-Holland says the district recently received discovery material stemming from a lawsuit which shows Davis did not secure confidential information from the district as she was instructed. As a result, another supervisor at the district was able to access the information and more.

“After she has been warned about that, that preliminary investigation, which is highly confidential with names of complainants, it was provided to that employee. Now whether she handed it to him--the report or whether it was lying on her desk unsecured, which is a violation, which is negligence on her part, he accessed that report, and he provided it to others who are working against the district,” said Simon-Holland.

Simon-Holland says two employees not only took confidential information, but also gained access to the district's IT system where one employee tried to erase files. The two employees are no longer with the district, she says.

Davis has responded to the allegations through her attorney William Peterson. In a 60-plus-page response he sent to school board members, Peterson says there is absolutely no evidence to support Davis provided confidential information or access to such information.

Peterson says leaked information is ordinarily investigated, not, as Peterson says, a convenient opportunity to accuse an employee who is a target for other reasons.

Peterson says he has been given 20 minutes to state his client’s case before the Washoe County School Board on Monday July 1.

The entire response and exhibits are contained in the PDF file attached to this story.

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