Biz looks to help pet owners in need with "Wag it Forward"

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) For most pet owners, giving up their animals would be the last thing they would want to do.

But for Travis Chrismer, it was a choice he was almost forced to make, due to the fact that he and his wife Amber have six children to take care of, which needless to say, is not cheap.

“The ability to be able to pay for the dogs is so great,” he said. “We can afford diapers. Now she (our youngest daughter) is healthy, and the dogs are healthy and it’s just meant to be.”

Having the six children means money is tight, so some things may have to be given up, and that almost included their dogs Patches and Abigail, but thanks to Natural Paws, that won’t be the case.

“We decided to start a program for people in need to help feed their dogs so they don’t have to give them up,” said Lori Burks of Natural Paws. So far we are feeding 5 families.”

Burks helped start the “Wag it Forward” program to help families in need, so they are something the Chrismers were grateful for.

“Before, we had a hard time feeding the dogs so we gave them leftovers,” said Keely Chrismer, the oldest of 6 siblings. “But ever since Natural Paws came in they have been more energetic and happier with the food.”

Natural Paws is also giving food to a family that lost their home in the Little Valley Fire, and are looking to find a few more families to include in this program. If you want to nominate a family, click here.