Local veteran gets new furnace

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) James Seele's old furnance has been removed from his home in north Reno. The unit goes back to 1988 and hasn't worked for years.

A new furnace is installed for a veteran. Photo by Terri Russell/KOLO.

"I've been using portable space heaters for the last, what, two months now to warm up the living room, my girl's bedrooms. It is just ridiculous," said Seele.

Seele has been looking for help to get a new furnace to help keep his daughters warm, but had come up empty-handed. That's when Jason Cummins stepped in.

"We wanted to donate to someone who really needed it," said Cummins, owner of All Hours Air.

It didn't' come together just like that, however. We need to go back a couple weeks. That's when we were at CoAuto, telling you about the repair shop's efforts to give a car away to a veteran. It was the third year for the giveaway, and it caught Cummins' attention. He too wanted to give back.

"Everybody was on board. We went to everybody before we made the decision to do it, to call you. And everybody was super excited to be able to give back," said Cummins

A tall order. The recipient had to own his home and have a non-working heating unit and be unable to pay for a replacement.

Fast forward to a little more than a week ago, where CoAuto handed the keys over to Peter Lucas. Lucas was selected though the Veterans Resource Center, which we approached with the free furnace idea that very day.

Shane Whitecloud with the center said he had received such a call just the day before. Seele was notified right there.

"They were going to give me a heater. And I was, 'what?' They said a brand new heater. I said no. They said yeah. Jason is going to be calling you from All Around Heating, And he called me and said yeah. Came around, and said, 'Here's a new heater.' I said everything? He said, 'Yep, everything. It is all brand new.' I greatly appreciate their help," Seele told us.

The old heater will be taken out and recycled. For James it means a new year of warm living, and lower utility bills.