Girls on the Run Sierras tries to inspire girls

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - December 21:

Girls on the Run Sierras is a program for elementary and middle school girls in Northern Nevada, including Lake Tahoe.

It's an after-school program designed to inspire girls to be "joyful, healthy and confident" while creatively integrating physical activity, in the end, teaching more than 500 girls how to run a 5k.

But organizers say the takeaway is so much more: girls come away with more character and compassion; they even stand up for themselves.

Girls on the Run needs coaches. The organization provides a curriculum for coaches to implement.

Executive Director Joy Heuer says, "We also, of course, have monetary needs to help with shoes, so all of our girls have proper running shoes. or to be able to sponsor a girl so a girl who maybe can't afford to pay for the program can be scholarshipped to be able to go through the program."

Girls on the Run is also unveiling a new fundraiser in April. Volunteers are needed to help with the inaugural "Limitless Potential Breakfast."

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