Food Bank of Northern Nevada looks to eliminate hunger

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - December 31:

One in five kids in Nevada is food insecure. Food Bank of Northern Nevada aims to eliminate hunger, and provides food to people who would otherwise go without.

Its goal heading into the new year is to continue to help families in need.

President and CEO Al Brislain says, "Food bank serves 160 nonprofit organizations, last year distributed over $20 million worth of food. so it's a big logistics challenge to get that food in, get it out, make sure it's safe and get it to the people facing hunger."

The bank's most popular item is fresh produce. Last year, they distributed 7,000,000 pounds of it. But it's expensive. That's why they need the community's help. in addition to monetary donations, they need more volunteers to help sort the food.

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