Canine Rehab Center asks for donations and volunteers

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - December 14:

The goal of Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary is to help at-risk dogs that have been abused or neglected, and find them their forever homes.

It costs about $25 a day per dog to stay in the facility, which at any given time has anywhere from 40 to 50 dogs.

Monetary donations help buy needed supplies to care for these dogs, but Executive Director Kristen Ivey says the center is also in need of items you wouldn't normally think about.

"We always need in-kind donations.... things that aren't always fun to buy but they're a huge help for us... like bleach, peanut butter, dog treats, those are big deals to us."

Other items needed include blankets, Dawn dish soap, paper towels and mop heads.

You can also donate your time. The center is always looking for volunteers to walk dogs and help out at community events.

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