Boxers and Buddies looking to fulfill man's final wish

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Boxers and Buddies is trying to find a new home for a pair of chihuahua mixes, after their previous owner passed away.

"His last wish was they not end up in a shelter," said Boxers and Buddies foster coordinator, Jodi Horner.

The two dogs, each between four and five years old, have bonded tightly, spending their entire lives together. Keeping them together is a priority for the local non-profit.

"The two of them is really just like one," added Horner. "One or both would likely have some separation anxiety, just from not having their buddy there all the time."

Buddy and Coco are crate-trained and pretty mellow. They would be suitable for pretty much any home; those with kids, dogs or cats. And since they're small, they would even be fine in an apartment. And there's a special deal to adopt the pair, with Boxers and Buddies only charging one adoption fee for both of them.

Those interested in more information, or to fill out an adoption application, can go here Boxers and Buddies

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