Tell us about a business that is staying open during this coronavirus emergency


The Governor is allowing some businesses to remain open during the coronavirus crisis.

Businesses like restaurants are trying to survive and to keep their staff employed through take out and delivery.

Essential businesses include, but are not limited to:

• Healthcare services
• Businesses or organizations that provide food, shelter, or critical social services for disadvantaged populations
• Home maintenance/repair services
• Auto repair services & trucking service centers
• Grocery stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, convenience & discount stores
• Pharmacies, healthcare operations, & biomedical facilities
• Gas stations & truck stops
• Banks & financial institutions
• Veterinary services & pet stores
• Laundromats & dry cleaners
• Food processing
• Agriculture, livestock & feed mills
• Logistics & Supply Chain Operations: Warehousing, storage, distribution, and supply-chain related operations
• Child care centers and daycares operating in accordance with requirements set forth by their licensing authorities and COVID-19 guidance

If you know of a business that is staying open and is providing a great service to our community, please tell us about them.

Businesses that are remaining open as a service to the community
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