Eddy House needs help helping homeless youth

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - December 5:

The Eddy House is a drop-in center for homeless youth. So far this year, the organization has seen 700 individual homeless kids.

When the house opens, these teens can get something to eat, use the shower, use the restroom and get clothing.

The executive director tells us Nevada now has the fastest-growing "homeless youth" population in the country.

"There really is no place for these kids to go. Less than eight percent will use the adult shelter. You cannot mix the populations - it's unsafe for the kids. So it makes sense for them to have a separate facility, 24 hours a day, where they can come in, they can get a hot meal, have a safe place to be at night. "

She says Nevada is number-two in the country for trafficking, and that 100 percent of the kids she's seen say they have been sexually or physically assaulted at least once a week on the street.

Eddy house is open Monday through Friday during business hours, but the goal is a 24-hour facility with 50 beds But for that, monetary donations are needed.

if you cannot donate money, The Eddy House can always use new underwear, clothing, deodorant, shoes, jackets and non-perishable food... even bus passes.

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