Sierra Pest Control, Reno, NV

Locally owned/operated for over thirty years in Northern Nevada, Sierra Pest Control is the most experienced and reliable pest control specialists in the Reno, NV area.

We have been in the Reno pest control industry for over 30 years. Any pest you may have, we most certainly know how to handle them, in the quickest and least evasive way possible. When our technicians show up at your home, we promise to be professional, courteous, and ready to alleviate your pest problem. Our number one concern is your happiness.

ants The Ant is the most annoying insect in the area. They come into your home, by the thousands, in search of food. They don’t pose any threat but can be an absolute nuisance in the kitchen and cause a lot of frustration to homeowners.
cant Carpenter Ants are a different type of ant; they seek refuge in your home, not underground. It’s rumored that carpenter ants eat wood like termites, but that is not the case. They live inside wood and can cause just as much damage as termites.
mice The Mouse is the most dangerous pest, carrying a host of diseases within their feces. If you find droppings, spray with bleach before cleaning up to kill any disease.
roach The Cockroach is the most resilient of all insects. It’s rumored the roach could survive a nuclear war. I doubt this is true. If you have a cockroach infestation, multiple treatments are needed to remedy the problem.
spider Spiders are the most feared insects. Generally, they’re harmless and kill other insects, but some species are very poisonous. In this area, there are 2 poisonous species: The Black Widow and The Brown Recluse.
termie Termites are not a very big problem due to the dry climate. They are, however, here and damage can be severe. Termites eat wood and, if not treated, can cause serious damage. Finding detached wings and/or mud tubes along walls or other surfaces can be strong indicators of termite infestation.
voles Voles are very destructive to lawns and other landscaping. If you notice grass disappearing in curved-like patterns around your lawn, you may have a vole problem. Baiting is the best way to eliminate voles.