RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Members of the Republican National Committee met today in a selective roundtable of small businesses. Minority Leader James Settelmeyer hosted the event to hear the challenges business owners have faced during the pandemic.

Senate Leader Settelmeyer asked owners what they would like for him to take to legislation to help their business. Owners stated they wanted COVID-19 mandates to come to an end and solutions to payments they made with licensing when businesses were shut down.

Between essential and non-essential businesses- all mentioned the challenges of keeping their doors open, paying mortgages and licenses, and having enough employees on board.

Tim Carter, a local business owner shared his experience since the pandemic,

“We accepted the fact that nobody wants to work anymore and that we are who we are, and we’re going to figure out how to do this with nine people, so I just gave everybody a big-fat raise and said don’t expect more help,” Carter said.

Settelmeyer recommended all business owners reach out to all representatives and all state senators to make sure their voices are heard, he stated,

“There’s something to be said in being able to support the small businesses, you know, maybe that means in those particular places they may want you to wear a mask because they are a little bit older, respect that. Wear the mask if the business wants you to. Don’t get mad at the business for enforcing things that maybe they don’t necessarily agree with, but need to do to survive,” Settelmeyer said.

Minority Leader Settelmeyer mentioned he will bring the ideas of these small businesses in Reno to the next legislative session and present the need for consistent mandated rules for businesses here in Nevada.

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