RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The notice on the doors at Fabric Care Specialist Cleaners on West Moana Lane contains a stark warning. They will be locked Monday. More than three decades of business at this location will come to an end.

Still waiting for an expected government loan, unable to meet expenses or keep his landlord at bay, owner Joey Spear says it came down to simple arithmetic.

“I ran out of funds. I ran out of employees and I started to run out of customers.”

Spear says his business is off by as much as 80 percent. A look at the clothing racks inside shows where much of that loss came from. In times past--even during economic downturns--you would see a lot of business attire hanging here. These days many of us are working from home in casual clothing.

“The suit people and the dress up people just started staying home,” says Spear, “and they weren’t wearing their normal clothes and they weren’t getting their dry cleaning like they used to.”

And, he says, he’s had a hard time keeping a workforce together.

“They were getting $600 plus their unemployment which was already going on. Why work when you can get that for free.”

The closure impacts his customers as well. Longtime customer Bill Ferguson dropped off a winter coat for repair recently and, though he sympathizes with Spear’s difficulty, he’s facing a deadline of his own.

“I am moving to Kansas City on Sunday. I need my coat now.”

Ferguson and other customers can still pick up their cleaning but they’ll have to move fast.

“I’ll be here all weekend,” says Spear. “If the door is locked, just come around the back.”

After that their items and Spear himself face an uncertain future.

As he said, ‘Tough times.”

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