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About Us

Dr. Andrews is a specialist in smiles. He uses the latest technology to give his patients a new sense of self and says he gets the most satisfaction from, "Knowing that we're setting our patients up for good health and positive self-images for the rest of their lives."

Dr. Kevin J. Andrews is an artist, but he doesn't work with oils or watercolors. He works with teeth. Using wire, plastic, glue and bits of metal, he produces world class smiles in his orthodontic office at 2125 Green Vista Drive, Sparks, Nevada. He's a guy who loves what he's doing and can't imagine doing anything else.

Andrews Orthodontics FAQ

How do you put braces on?

It's a lot like putting sealants on your teeth. They are adhered to the front of your teeth with a special adhesive. No drilling, no shots, no pain.

Does it hurt and do you use needles?

There are no needles used in our office. We use Damon braces which are 50-75% more comfortable than traditional braces. You will feel pressure but should not be in pain.

What can I not eat with braces?

Anything sticky, hard or extra chewy.

Do you offer payment options?

Our office offers in house interest free monthly payment plans and payment options through Chase Health Advance.

At what age should I bring my child into your office?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends you bring in your child by age 7 for an orthodontic screening. Our office offers these screenings at no charge.