Noah Bond

Evening Anchor
Reno, NV
Noah Bond

Don't let Noah's youthful appearance fool you; he has more than two decades of award winning experience as a broadcast journalist and has enjoyed his time in the trenches across the United States.

Noah is constantly thinking about the wellbeing of others and the best steps he can take each day to best serve his community with strong journalistic principles of truth, fairness, accuracy, and honesty.

His main goal is to uphold the Constitution of the United States. You will see him directly and openly challenge government officials when they tiptoe away from the founding principles that have kept our nation safe and strong.

Noah has worked for broadcast news stations in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Illinois, Kentucky, Idaho, and South Dakota. He has reported from areas devastated by tornadoes, a small town destroyed by a massive mudslide, and uncovered all kinds of issues as an investigative reporter in Salt Lake City.

He is thrilled to be welcomed into your home each night as the evening anchor at KOLO 8 News and also enjoys reporting. His latest series is called "What Matters to You". Feel free to email him story ideas at