Carson schools preps include extra cleaning, disinfection

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 6:39 PM PDT

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Classes in Carson City schools resume August 24th with about 80-percent of the students on a hybrid schedule bringing each to campus two days a week.

They’ll find some expected changes, but some of the most important preparations won’t be readily noticeable.

Carson City Middle School, for instance, will look much the same to a returning student. The changes are all on the inside.

With a little less than half its usual enrollment attending any one day, these halls will be less crowded. Everyone will be wearing masks. There will be hand sanitizer dispensers on the walls. The water fountains will be turned off, but bottles can be filled.

Seating in classrooms will be socially distanced. What students won’t see is how those desks, chairs and other furnishes have been treated. First with a special coating, called a bio-layer.

“You can put it down either physically or with an electrostatic sprayer,” says Mark Korinek, the school district’s Director of Operations. “It actually forms small spikes that catch the virus and kills it.”

The treatment lasts 90 days. “We can clean on top of that which we will be doing with our normal process cleaning system twice a week and then we will be cleaning with our electro-static system in classrooms twice a week and four times in common areas.”

It’s not just the desks, chairs and other surfaces that will receive this special treatment. The very air will be cleaner.

“Daily we’re going to do a pre and post-occupancy flush of the building. We want to get three total building air changes each day.”

And new special filters have been added to the heating and air conditioning system.

Much of this will mean extra man-hours and some new duties for the maintenance staff, but....

“We’re also asking our teachers and students to help out. A couple of minutes before the end of class, if you could pick up larger items on the floor we won’t have to have to pick them up when we’re vacuuming.”

Korinek says these same changes will be in effect at all the district’s schools.

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