The Road Ahead With RTC: Snow Routes

Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 11:30 AM PST
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SPONSORED: Winter is right around the corner, so the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County is planning for some snowy weather. Snow storms can affect bus routes but the RTC tries to operate as many routes as possible, weather permitting. If the roads are clear enough, the buses will operate as scheduled. Sometimes, that depends on which roads are plowed first. RTC drivers are experienced and they do have snow chains but sometimes, that is not enough. Customers should be aware that snow storms can result in delays or cancellations for some routes, but that is a last resort. Weather will not necessarily affect every route because some parts of the community could get more snow than others.

Drivers should always use a lot more caution while driving on icy or snowy roads. Buses are very large and heavy, so it takes them longer to slow down and stop than smaller cars, especially when the roads are slick. Drivers should avoid cutting in front of buses and they should not follow too closely behind a bus. Drivers should also use good judgement when they are passing a bus.

The snow and ice also affect pedestrians. Passengers walk to and from bus stops, so sidewalks might not be in the best condition. Pedestrians should be careful to avoid slips and falls. The RTC does maintain bus stops by removing snow as quickly as possible.

“We encourage passengers to keep their distance from the curb while they wait for a bus to arrive,” Jim Gee, Director of Public Transportation and Operations said. “The last thing we want is a crash involving a bus and one of our passengers.”

Customers are encouraged to check or the Transit App during a snow storm. These are easy ways to double-check the schedule to make sure their route is not affected by the storm. The plan is always to operate the buses as efficiently and reliably as possible but the RTC will not risk the safety of drivers and passengers to accomplish that.