The Road Ahead: Halloween & Time Change Safety

Published: Oct. 25, 2023 at 10:46 AM PDT
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SPONSORED: One of the Regional Transportation Commission’s top priorities is roadway safety. That is why the RTC is reminding people about safety tips for Halloween and when Daylight Saving Time ends, November 5. Trick-or-treating is a fun tradition for children. With so many children crossing streets, drivers should use extra caution. There are some things pedestrians can do too. Children will be wearing their Halloween costumes but the RTC is asking parents to make sure they are visible while they walk from place to place. It’s a good idea to wear bright, reflective costumes or add strips of reflective tape, so they will be easier to see. Masks can make it more difficult for children to see where they are going, so wearing bright face paint is a good alternative.

When Daylight Saving Time ends, there will be one less hour of sunlight in the evenings. In Washoe County, 80 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur between dusk and dawn, so the time change could have a significant impact. The RTC’s vision is zero fatalities because one death is too many. Drivers and pedestrians should acknowledge one another through eye contact and never be impaired while using the roads and sidewalks.

Lighting is a major factor in many pedestrian crashes, so people should walk in well-lit areas. Bright clothing, reflectors, wearable lights and flashlights help to increase pedestrian visibility. They can also use the light on their phones. Pedestrians should avoid distractions while walking, such as talking or texting and wearing headphones that drown out traffic noise. They should use crosswalks. Do not assume drivers will stop, even if they have the right of way. Drivers should also avoid distractions. It is illegal to check your phone in Nevada, even if you are stopped at a traffic signal. Speeding is another leading cause of roadway fatalities, so following the speed limit is important.