How to watch Saturday’s solar eclipse

Published: Oct. 10, 2023 at 5:22 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The last time KOLO 8 News Now did a story on a solar eclipse was August 21, 2017.

For the first time in a century a total solar eclipse swept across the continental United States.

Here in Reno, people pulled out their welding masks or special glasses to see a portion of the eclipse. The eclipse this Saturday won’t be quite as spectacular.

One reason is that it is not a total solar eclipse.

“There is a path the moon will appear to be blocking a majority of the sun’s light and be positioned right in the center of the sun,” says Paul McFarlane with the Fleischmann Planetarium. “Producing what is called an Annular or a Ring of Fire. If you are right along that annularity, you will see that ring of fire. If you are off to the side of it, it will be to one side or the other.”

Here in Reno we will be to one side.

Which means gazers will see about 85% of the sun covered. In Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, even Great Basin National Park spectators will see the ‘Ring of Fire”.

The process starts at about 8:05 Saturday morning. The peak coverage, which occurs at 9:21 in the morning, depends in part upon where the eclipse is being viewed. Then the process starts to reverse itself. That process will take about an hour.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s path around earth passes in front of the sun, blocking its rays. It’s been a phenomenon that has captured the humans’ attention from the very beginning.

And that curiosity continues.

“We’ve been getting a number of calls from the community about what activities we will have,” says McFarlane. “And do we have solar eclipse glasses? We are still very interested in and our life is very connected to the sun. All of our life and energy largely comes from the sun.”

Beginning at 8:00 on Saturday morning, the planetarium will have a viewing party of the eclipse and other activities are planned.

For more information go to:

Washoe County Library Branches will have viewing glasses for library card members or those who wish to sign up for a library card. There is a 2 glasses limit for each family.

To build an eclipse viewing box: