The Road Ahead: Holcomb Avenue Project Completed

Published: Oct. 4, 2023 at 3:59 PM PDT
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SPONSORED: Construction on the Holcomb Avenue Rehabilitation Project is substantially complete. The RTC, City of Reno and stakeholders held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in September to celebrate the project, which made several improvements on the roadway between Liberty Street and Burns Street. Crews reconstructed the pavement along the half-mile stretch, realigned the intersection at Sinclair Street and made many improvements for ADA access, pedestrians and bicyclists. Before the project, Sinclair Street intersected Holcomb Avenue at a sharp V-shape angle, which made it difficult for drivers to see other cars. It was also a challenging intersection for pedestrians to cross the street, despite the crosswalk. ADA improvements include pedestrian ramps and bicycle infrastructure includes five-foot bike lanes with a separated buffer between the traffic lanes. The new striping widens the traffic lanes, maintains existing parking and removes the center lane. The City of Reno is adding landscaping to improve aesthetics. Crews completed the project under budget and on time in 12 weeks.