NW Reno Library offers teens space and guidance

Published: Sep. 26, 2023 at 4:36 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Washoe County Libraries know how to adapt to the times. These days there’s a section dedicated to teens. There are computers free to use, games, and books geared to their interests.

But staff here believes they can offer an invaluable service to those teens looking toward their future.

That’s why each Thursday during September is devoted to College and Career Preparedness.

“What do we do to help them,” asks Morgan Tiar, Northwest Reno Librarian. “What do they need help with? What will they seek out from us? We thought that we would start this college and career readiness this month to give them an opportunity if they need help with that. Or other things.”

Tiar says this quiet space may be just the ticket for students who may feel they don’t get the attention they need at school. Or the expertise may be lacking at home.

There are plenty of resources here from books about tests to specific college information, as well as financial assistance for those who need a way to pay for it all.

There is also information about the trades, what is needed and what will be required.

“We have access to all the testing you may need to take for a trade,” says Tiar. “Even helping you find the job. What kind of certifications do you need for that. And then how do you get that? Where do you go to get that certification? We absolutely can help with that.”

For those who need to write essays, fill out job applications, or look at sample tests, it can all be done here at the student’s leisure.

This is yet another way the library can assist teens with access to information they know and want. Such information will help plan for a future that is known or unknown.

If a job, a class or activity is scheduled Thursday and can’t be changed, students can make an appointment at the Northwest Reno Library to get the help they need.

Additional College and Career Preparedness days are slated for October 19 and November 30th. And by appointment.

For more information: 775-787-4100 or visit https://www.washoecountylibrary.us/.