Local families worried about relatives in Maui

KOLO 8 News Now 6:30 p.m.
Published: Aug. 13, 2023 at 4:27 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The devastation in Maui has been a shock to many around the nation and the world, but some in our own community are feeling the pain as well.

“Lahaina is a historical place. There’s a lot of history in that place,” says Maui born and raised, now Reno resident, Kawaiola Deguilmo.

She says that through slow communication she has learned the terrifying situations her family has been in.

“My aunty is kind of disabled. She goes to dialysis, she can barely walk. So, my cousin had to literally drag her and do whatever she had to do to get her to safety.”

Mohalapua Banner says it has been difficult being far away from family and unable to help.

“Being so far away you kind of feel useless, you know if we were at home, we’d be cooking for them, we’d be running water. Gas, whatever they needed and so we are trying to assemble here.”

They say many people in our community have reached out to offer help.

“They need help you know, and I totally appreciate this community reaching out, you know, and saying hey Mo, what can we do to help,” says Banner.

With Aloha Fest in just a week, they are rallying our community to donate anything they can for those in Maui.

“We’re gonna have the link for donations, we’re trying to hook up with shipping companies, or airlines, cargo, that we can get stuff too, because you know a lot of people have reached out to us and we want to do right. And we want to make sure we can support, no matter how far away we are,” says Banner.

To send funds to help, you can donate at Hawaiiancouncil.org/maui