Carson couple’s sculpture on display at Burning Man

Published: Aug. 2, 2023 at 5:09 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - From conception to realization, ‘The Octagon’ is nearly ready for the playa at Burning Man.

The sculpture is one of this year’s Burning Man Art Honoraria. For now, it sits in the front yard of Dave and Debbie Lambin.

A Carson City couple with grown kids, they seem an unlikely pair to be part of “The Burn.”

“I think the first thing I did was call my kids,” says Debbie after hearing her sculpture has been selected as a 2023 Honoraria. “They could not believe that we got this. Everyone is planning. Ok we are going to do this and wear these costumes and build this. It’s just so exciting.”

They started construction in June.

With the heat they worked early morning and late evening hours. The structure is made of wood, and braided rope. It is powered by solar lights...with one flashlight powered by batteries.

Dave says while observers can see what they like, he hopes the message of what the world is willing to sacrifice for its natural resources comes across.

“People are getting involved in something,” says Dave. “And collectively maybe out in the periphery they are seeing things deciding on things. And they get closer to the center. They are a little bit more committed a little more together and part of an organization.”

Debbie is known for her book sculptures, which will entirely cover the ropes.

“The Octagon” is supposed to be seen at night to take in its full glory. The couple sent us pictures of what the sculpture looks like illuminated by colored lights.

Dave says his goal is to have his wife’s vision come alive. Debbie says she can’t wait until its reconstructed on the playa for Burners to see.

“I hope they just look in awe and realize what are these things. Oh, they are books,” she says.

Debbie will have to make 700 book sculptures and take them to the playa. That’s in case they get damaged in transport or they get damaged as they are displayed on the Black Rock Desert.

They leave in two weeks.