The Road Ahead With RTC: Micheladas de Reno

Published: Jul. 19, 2023 at 10:51 AM PDT
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SPONSORED: The Reno Aces are holding their third Micheladas de Reno game, July 25. The Regional Transportation Commission is a proud sponsor of the campaign. It is one way to include Latino culture at Reno Aces games as part of the Copa de la Diversion campaign. More than 90 Minor League teams participate. Each team has adopted an alternate team name and logo. The Aces alternate name is Micheladas de Reno. This is one of 13 teams that joined the campaign this year, for the first time.

The ball club came up with the alternate name and logo because the Biggest Little City has really embraced this Mexican drink. The michelada is a beer and tomato juice-based drink. The Aces say its bold appearance and flavor represent the vibrant and fiery aspects of Hispanic culture. The nickname and logo have been big hits during the first two games of this campaign.

The RTC is partnering with the Aces because they always encourage people to use public transportation. This campaign gives them a broader reach in the community. The RTC parks an all-electric bus in front of the ballpark, sets up a table with some swag and informational material, and it has two 15-second advertisements on the jumbotron during the game. If people do drink micheladas or any other adult beverages at the games, the RTC encourages them to do so responsibly. Taking a bus to the game and back is a great way to do that.