Reno Housing Authority launches new RHA+1 program, allowing parents to bring their babies to work

Published: May. 12, 2023 at 10:27 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - The Reno Housing Authority is thinking outside the crib with its newest family-friendly employee program. RHA+1 allows new parents to bring their infants to work with them on a full– or part-time basis to help forge a strong parent-child bond. It also allows new parents to feel more comfortable going back to work without leaving their newborns with daycare, family or friends.

Executive director, Dr. Hilary Lopez, and accounting clerk, Jennielyn Murray, stopped by Morning Break to explain how beneficial this program is to employees as well as employers.

The Plus 1 Program also aims to help alleviate the high cost and limited availability of childcare in the region, and help new parents feel better about coming back to work.

There are rules, however. Once infants get mobile or loud, usually around six months of age, they must “retire” from RHA Plus 1. Along with the popular Plus 1 Program, the Reno Housing Authority has implemented a number of family-friendly policies in the past year.

Depending on their duties, most employees are given the option to work an early-morning shift that ends at 4, a traditional 8-5 p.m. shift, or come in later in the morning and work until early evening. Lunches can also be either a half hour or an hour. Additionally, the organization offers flex time so employees can attend appointments and events with their families without relying solely on accrued vacation or sick time.

Click here to learn more about RHA+1. You can also follow the Reno Housing Authority on Facebook and Instagram.