Elderly couple says USPS hands them an ultimatum

Published: May. 12, 2023 at 4:46 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -The road up to the Burson home on Shetland Circle in Red Rock is a long one. They admit it’s not a smooth roadway. But for years UPS, Waste Management, FED EX, DHL and the US Postal Service have made their way to the home and accessed the mailbox.

There’s a circular driveway that vehicles can use, or they turn around and come back the way they came.

But late last year that changed.

“They would be able to make it up the driveway,” says Hilary Burson of prior post office deliveries to her home. “They were told if you don’t think you can make it or are afraid of the driveway don’t attempt it.”

Burson and her husband Roy are on disability.

She says last month they received an unannounced visit from a supervisor at the North Hills Post Office who identified herself as “Monica.” She told the couple the road was too dangerous. The Bursons then received a letter dated April 7th from a James Darling with the post office. The letter stated they needed to put a mailbox at the end of their road, use a delivery box unit or pick up their mail 33 miles one way at the North Hills Boulevard Post Office.

Hilary says she went to the post office to get more answers. A worker told her no James Darling worked there.

Burson is on medication. Her husband a Vietnam Vet gets his medicine from the VA. They both come through the mail.

Their disabilities are documented by their doctors. Building a mailbox down their road, and then retrieving the mail 6 days a week from there would be a financial and physical challenge.

Shetland Circle has combination, delivery box units, mailboxes on the side of the road, and mailboxes next to homes. The Bursons say the home across the street from them had their mail delivered to the house as an elderly couple lived there as well.

Hilary says she while at the North Hills Post Office, she asked “Monica” the supervisor if her mail could be delivered to a neighbor.

“She said it would be illegal,” Hilary says was the answer. “And when I asked her to give me the statute, chapter, and verse, I don’t have to give you that "

Burson’s last visit to the post office she says was a disaster. She says “Monica” told her not to bother picking up their mail, as they would return to sender.

There is a call into the communications division of the U.S. Post Office to see if they can provide any solutions to this couple’s mailing malady. We were told he would look into it.

We’ll keep you updated.