V.P. Harris tells crowd to fight for liberty and reproductive freedom

Published: Apr. 18, 2023 at 5:28 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Vice President Kamala Harris arrived right on schedule at the Nevada Air National Guard with a crowd of supporters there to greet her. She shook hands and talked for only a short time before heading to the University of Nevada Reno Campus.

There she was to deliver a message on reproductive rights.

With Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve and actress Rosario Dawson on stage at Nightingale Concert Hall, Nevada’s female legislative leadership was introduced to a thunderous applause. The applause was in part to news these same lawmakers are spearheading an effort to place reproductive rights in our state’s constitution.

SJR 7 passed a legislative hurdle just yesterday.

“Some bad....people,” said Harris catching her language. “They really are. They are so good. And so, you know, you did good here in Nevada, right? But folks around our country people are suffering in so many states around our country. And even though it’s not in our backyard here or in California, please lead in this movement.”

And that was the essence of Harris’ message today at UNR.

Encouraging the crowd of 500, consisting of students, faculty, and those interested in the fight for reproductive freedom. Harris told the crowd it was about liberty, and the right to self-determination.

Personal decisions like these she says should not be left up to politicians.

“We are counting on these students to lead in every way, starting now,” she said. “And obviously you made that decision, that is why you are here.”

Harris encouraged the group by saying they were not alone--to be brave and not take no for an answer.

She touched on gun violence as well.

Which hit a nerve for one UNR faculty member

“I mean we had a scare just the other week on gun violence on our campus,” said Valerie Milanes. “I came to campus that day terrified.”

One student told us she hopes Harris’ words turn into action and awareness for students.

“It is about our generation stepping up to do the work you know?” says Mikayla Del Rosa. “We are capable of it. We need to be in the books for our classes. But we also need to pay attention to what’s happening in the world.”

In her departing words to the crowd, the vice president had this to say.

“For the folks here, I’ll just say do it the “Nevada Way” cause you guys know how to get stuff done.