Hitting 101 with Reno Aces utility player Phillip Evans

Published: Apr. 17, 2023 at 1:41 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - On this week’s Aces Report, Kurt Schroeder dives into hitting mechanics with Reno Aces utility player Phillip Evans.

KURT: “He’s hitting .364 at the time of this recording so obviously something is working for you. We’re in the on-deck circle right now, Phillip. What’s going through your head in this space when you’re watching the pitcher?”

PHILLIP: “For the most part I’m just reading the situation of the game at that time. I just try to collect my breathing on-deck. All the preparation I’ve done on the game that’s when it’s time to lock it in and focus on the breath, not really the swing, just the situation of the game.”

KURT: “Now that we’ve worked on the mental aspect of Phillip’s approach it’s time to step into the batter’s box. Phillip what goes through your head at this time when you’re making your way from the on-deck circle and into the batter’s box?”

PHILLIP: “Just like any other baseball player I get a little superstitious. Go bat under the armpit, adjust these guys a couple times, pick up our third base coach to see if anything is on, pick up the defense and see if they’re giving me any holes. Then I just go up there and hit and have fun.”

KURT: “Now that we’re in the batter’s box there is obviously a pretty decent amount of space here. Phillip, what do you consider when you step into the batter’s box? Where do you want your feet to be?”

PHILLIP: “I just draw a line halfway from the plate here and draw it back. There are rare times where I’ll choke up on the bat with two strikes. If the guy has 95-plus I might choke up with two strikes but for the most part I’m hanging off the edge here and getting more whip on the bat. I read the defense. If they’re giving me the four hole, and it’s wide open, I like the ball a little bit deeper so I can take my single and get on base for the team. If nobody is on and I want to do damage I like the ball out front a little bit more.”

KURT: “When you have a good swing, and you put that on the ball, what do you feel? And how does it physically feel as well?”

PHILLIP: “If you put a good swing on the ball and you hit it where you want you don’t feel too much. I like to go gap to gap. I’m a doubles guy. If I run into a couple home runs that’s nice too. I like to stay on everything, put the ball in play, and I don’t strike out very much.”