The Road Ahead: VANPOOL

Published: Apr. 12, 2023 at 9:32 AM PDT
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SPONSORED: The RTC offers a way to help get you to and from work and save some money. A VANPOOL is formed when a group of people with similar destinations are able to commute together.  Through RTC’s VANPOOL program, which is contracted through Commute with Enterprise, who will lease the group a van.  Participants split the cost of gas and the lease, but RTC also subsidizes the trips – for most vanpools this is $400 a month.

When you consider the costs of insurance, gas and vehicle maintenance, VANPOOLs really save money.  While distance and the number of people in a VANPOOL affect how much you can save, savings could be anywhere from $50 a month to $150.  The savings could be substantial for those with longer commutes, such as from the Reno area to the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center in Storey County.

It’s easy to form a VANPOOL, if you have a group of four or more people with similar commutes or need help getting matched up with others, contact us.  Go to: or call us at 348-POOL.  Our contractor, Commute with Enterprise, can even develop a free customized quote on how much you could save. We’re currently upgrading our website to make it even easier and you’ll be able to look for a VANPOOL yourself. VANPOOLs really take the stress out of your commute.  They also reduce traffic congestion, give participants time to check their phones and relax, reduce pollution and are very convenient!