Waste Management provides new recycling program for multi-family homes

Published: Apr. 11, 2023 at 6:49 AM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Most apartments, condos, and townhomes don’t offer recycling the way they do in residential neighborhoods. Waste Management is offering a new program to help with this issue.

These types of properties often lack the infrastructure, or residents have to take their materials to the recycling center themselves.

WM has found a solution by assisting property managers and educating tenants on the correct ways to recycle.

If you don’t have recycling, they are looking for buildings that have 10 to 100 units with a dedicated property manager.

Recycling Coordinator for Waste Management, Phoebe Judge shared,

“Sustainability is about community. The way that we use our resources impacts your neighbor, impacts your kids, and impacts everyone living in Reno. By addressing the needs of the property manager, we think we can increase recycling rates in Reno,” Judge said.

T Tran of Emerging Cities Investments is a developer for The Mod downtown apartments. Their building is taking part in the recycling program, she said.

“We all want to make a positive contribution to our community, I do believe that and so I think recycling is a really easy way to do that and it’s convenient as possible for tenants, and so introducing a project like this walking through the steps working hand-in-hand with WM it just makes a lot of sense to have these partnerships.”

To sign up for this program go to renorecycles/assistance.com

Property managers that coordinate recycling in their buildings will receive waste management guidance and go to each resident’s apartment providing information and education on how to properly recycle.