Governor Lombardo tours housing project in Carson City

Friends In Service Helping looks to support Nevadans pursuing higher education.
Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 5:14 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Last spring, Friends In Service Helping (FISH) demolished the Whistle Stop Inn in Carson City.

Today, Governor Joe Lombardo toured the grounds and learned more about the non-profit’s growing housing project.

The apartments will house Nevadans enrolled in higher education or technical training.

“[We’re] building up the next level of service and that’s for people who are willing to go back to college or college level training,” said Jim Peckham, FISH Executive Director.

FISH has raised $8 million dollars for the apartments which they hope will support and expand the state’s workforce on an individual level.

“They provide a very important service here in the surrounding 4 associated counties and it really surprises me that the state isn’t more intimately involved in this process,” said Governor Lombardo.

FISH says once these residents are back on their feet and employed, they will move on to new housing.

The Governor says he feels that this model, supporting Nevadans while they get an education and move on to well paid jobs, could be a long-term solution to a thinning workforce and lack of affordable housing.

While FISH’s housing project is unique, and not traditonal affordable housing, the Governor says his administration is looking carefully at that issue across the state.

He says one solution is to open federal lands for development.

“It’s conversations with the federal government to release land sooner than later and defer the cost associated with that land so that builders can build affordable housing,” the Governor said.

FISH is still fundraising, looking for another $8 million dollars to finish the project.

Peckham says the first building will open this August and completion dates for the rest are undetermined.

You can donate to FISH or learn more about their mission here: