The Road Ahead: Nevada Moves Day

Published: Mar. 9, 2023 at 11:14 AM PST
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SPONSORED: Nevada Moves Day is March 14 in our state, and we are celebrating here in our community with events and activities that teach kids how to be safe when they’re walking or biking to school. Because caregivers driving kids to school can account for up to 25% of the morning rush-hour traffic around schools, encouraging kids to walk and bike to school reduces the number of cars near schools, and thus reduces the number of potential crashes. Studies show that active kids arrive to school ready to learn.

Pedestrians are safer in numbers, so we encourage kids and their caregivers to coordinate and form what we like to call “walking school buses.” That means a group of kids and adults who walk to school together, picking up other kids along the route so that everyone can stay together and stay safe.

Crossing streets is safer as a group too, so if you see a student walking behind you, wait for them to catch up and then cross together.

Safe Routes to School is a partnership of the Washoe County School District and RTC. We educate kids about healthy ways to get to school, such as walking or riding a bike. Along with that, Safe Routes to School is a program that goes into schools year-round to teach kids the rules of the road, how to safely get across streets, bike safety and much more! The program is fun and educational.