Careit Food Donation and Rescue responds to the impact of SNAP benefit decrease

Published: Mar. 8, 2023 at 6:26 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Starting in April, SNAP benefit recipients will see an end to the extra monthly payments they have been getting. Those households will feel a pinch when buying groceries.

The new platform Careit Food Donation and Rescue is responding to this big change for those with food insecurity. Careit connects food caterers, bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, and mom-and-pop grocers with nonprofit food banks. Some families are seeing up to two-hundred dollars less a month in their SNAP benefits since the decrease.

Careit is a network that allows businesses to create a free account, post their surplus food, and then match them to a local charity.

App creators share local food banks have historically partnered with grocery chains to supply free food to their partnering pantries, but individual shelters and pantries are now seeking new avenues of food contributions.

Alyson Schill, CEO and Co-Founder of Careit Food Donation and Rescue, shared how she hopes to help bridge that gap.

”A lot of people who are affected by this are on a fixed income, like elderly people, and they’re going down to maybe one meal a day or less because of this SNAP benefits reduction. I really hope that Careit gives the community, the businesses, and the nonprofits an opportunity to connect with each other and feed the people that need it.”

Careit works by immediately pairing businesses’ listed donations to nonprofits for pick up or self-delivery.

If you want to help the cause of emergency food services, but don’t have a business, Tackle Hunger shows a map of nearby food banks and shelters who are actively looking for canned goods.

For more information on Careit, click here.