South Lake Tahoe warns residents of roof collapses due to incoming storm

Remnants of a crushed building in South Lake Tahoe.
Remnants of a crushed building in South Lake Tahoe.(Ashley Grams)
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 3:13 PM PST
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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, California (KOLO) - The City of South Lake Tahoe is warning residents of flooding, roof collapses, and other adverse effects from a storm expected to come through the area later this week.

The storm is expected to begin on March 9 and brings the potential for heavy rainfall across the area, resulting in flooding. Roof collapses are also a threat from rain absorbing into the existing snowpack, creating extra weight on roofs that could cause them to collapse.

Just last week, a building in South Lake Tahoe collapsed due to heavy snow.

The city says that, as a general guideline, if you have over three feet of snow on your roof, to consult a professional before attempting to remove it.

There are signs of a compromised roof that may soon collapse, such as:

  • Sagging ceiling tiles popping
  • New cracks in ceiling sheetrock
  • Cracking or creaking noises
  • Bowing trusses
  • Cracks in walls or masonry
  • Doors and windows that no longer, or have trouble, opening and closing
  • Severe roof leaks

The city will make sandbags available at the following location:

Fire Station 3

2101 Lake Tahoe Blvd.

Behind the Station

Shovels and bags are provided, but shovels are limited, so you are encouraged to bring your own. Below is a map of flood plain areas, as well as generalized historic localized flooding areas.

A map of some flood areas in South Lake Tahoe
A map of some flood areas in South Lake Tahoe(The City of South Lake Tahoe)