North Lake Tahoe urges residents to keep key areas clear of snow

You are advised to keep snow away from your gas meter
You are advised to keep snow away from your gas meter(ktuu)
Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 3:37 PM PST
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NORTH LAKE TAHOE, California (KOLO) - The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District is urging residents to keep key areas around their home clear of snow ahead of another winter storm later this week.

They are also asking people to be aware of roofs that may collapse due to extra weight from the snow absorbing the rainfall.

They say you should take advantage of any breaks you get from the storm to clear the areas around fire hydrants as well as gas meters.

You should know where your gas meter shed is and keep it clear of snow. The buildup of snow around gas meters and piping, as well as falling ice and snow can create hazards.

They also urge people to use a broom to clear the snow, not a shovel, as doing so could cause damage to vents and electrical equipment.

Furthermore, these are the signs of a possibly endangered roof, according to the district:

  • severe or new roof leaks.
  • cracked or split wood members.
  • bends or ripples in metal supports
  • recent cracks in walls, gypboard or masonry.
  • cracks in welds of steel construction.
  • sprinkler heads pushed down below ceiling tiles.
  • doors that pop open.
  • doors or windows that are difficult to open.
  • bowed utility pipes or conduits attached to the ceiling; or creaking, cracking, or popping sounds.

The town of Truckee will also have sand and sandbags available for pickup. Residents can go to the U.S. Forest Ranger Station at 10811 Stockrest Springs Road to pick them up.