The Road Ahead: Traffic Signal Optimization Program

Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 11:26 AM PST
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Sponsored: RTC is keeping you moving by upgrading traffic signals throughout the region. The RTC, in partnership with local agencies, studies and analyzes various corridors in our region to improve signal timing performance that keeps traffic flowing smoothly, reduces emissions, and reduces travel time. Best practices recommend that traffic signals should be retimed or reevaluated on a three- to five-year cycle. Here in our region, RTC is maintaining our region’s signals on a three-year cycle.

Over the last year, the RTC has retimed several corridors in our region including S. McCarran Blvd., W. McCarran Blvd., Pyramid Hwy., Damonte Ranch Pkwy., Longley Lane and S. Virginia St. The RTC is currently working on improving the Sun Valley Blvd., Rock Blvd., Keystone Ave. and Downtown Reno/University of Nevada, Reno, corridors and plans to finish by summer of this year. The RTC is evaluating corridors they worked on back in 2019 to improve the existing timing.

The RTC has traffic cameras at various intersections around the region to monitor, watch, and assess any traffic issues that may occur. Also, there is a central traffic management system where RTC staff are able to see the live traffic signal status and its operation and collect data. All signal timing in the region is done manually by field observations and driving through corridors to assess the effectiveness of traffic signal timing plans.

To report a traffic signal issue or concern, call the traffic signal hotline at 775-335-ROAD.