SB 131 aims to protect out of state patients seeking abortions in Nevada

Published: Feb. 20, 2023 at 3:39 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - It was a packed Senate Commerce and Labor Committee Room as Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro presented what arguably is the most controversial bill to-date in the 2023 legislature.

“What is legal here in Nevada, is legal here in Nevada,” testified Senator Cannizzaro. “If another state does not want this, that is fine. But our providers and our patients here are going to be able to receive that care and not have to fear prosecution or the revocation of a Nevada License.”

Senate Bill 131 codifies into law an executive order set down by former Governor Steve Sisolak last summer.

It protects someone coming to Nevada from out of state to receive an abortion or other reproductive care from facing extradition and prosecution from another state which forbids such treatment. Providers in this state cannot be denied a license for merely performing abortions and providing reproductive health care in another state under SB 131.

Because the subject was abortion Monday morning, those for and against the bill came out in full force.

“It is incumbent on lawmakers to ensure we are not only protecting the rights of Nevadans to receive abortion care,” testified Haley Lindslee with Planned Parenthood. “But protecting the data and privacy of anyone who seeks or provides abortion care in our state,” she continued.

“By voting no, Nevada can be known as the state that protects children,” said Hilary Ramos who opposes SB 131.

“This will have the effect of making Nevada a haven for those who cover up and continue their abuse,” Don Nelson from Nevada Right to Life told the committee.

Cannizzaro testified to the committee that the bill would not have that effect.

“It is no one’s business what I or anyone else does with my body or their body,” said Annette Magnus with Battle Born Progress.

The bill was heard in front of Senate Commerce and Labor as medical professional licenses are impacted by SB 131. The committee has overview of such licensing.

There was suggestion the bill may have to be heard in more than one committee like Health and Human Services. The Senate Commerce and Labor Committee took no action on SB 131, Monday, February 20, 2023.