Beating “Fanxiety” this Super Bowl Sunday

Published: Feb. 10, 2023 at 7:47 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Super Bowl 57 is this Sunday and between placing bets, having your eyes glued to the screen, or maybe hosting preparations, have might be stressed.

Regardless of your type of Super Bowl stress, there are easy ways to manage any anxiousness you feel.

A new app, AQ, allows people to manage their anxiety.

AQ now has a new feature that gives users the chance to track their “Fan- anxiety” levels.

Neuropsychologist and founder of AQ shares that while having acute anxiety, you may experience sweaty palms and an increase in heart rate.

AQ collects some 15 heart-rate readings per hour and with technology determines your mental state. It gives users percentage levels and tools to reduce anxiousness.

Dr. Nanavati mentioned how this can be a tool that opens up the conversation to the importance of mental health.

“We are reframing anxiety in a way that everyone experiences in terms of something as innocent as a sporting event kind of shows in a way how it’s not as serious as we may think and it opens up the discussion makes it fun, makes you laugh or smile about it, yeah, I feel anxious too I feel anxious as the game is going on, that leads to more honest discussion.”

To help ease stress during the game, give yourself an earlobe massage, practice deep cleansing breaths, or do yoga poses to relieve tension and promote blood flow.

You can download AQ for free from the app store and pick your favorite super bowl team. The app then anonymously tracks your super bowl “fanxiety” levels.