Movie Minute: A romantic comedy featuring Hollywood’s legends

From a rom-com to the supernatural there is a lot playing on the screen this weekend.
Published: Jan. 27, 2023 at 12:19 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - In theaters today, a romantic comedy, called Maybe I Do starring Richard Gere and Diane Keaton is about two couples who are having affairs with each other’s spouses, and they are the parents of a struggling young couple who is unsure of their future. William Macy, Susan Sarandon, Emma Roberts, and Luke Bracy joining the cast. The characters face a major dilemma where one person is committed to a relationship and the other is unsure of the relationship.

On streaming services, a new comedy about grief, Shrinking tells the story of a psychiatrist trying to rebound after tragedy, and starts telling people how he really feels about their problem. Starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford, this movie sheds a light side on how we can work through our grief when we lose someone. In this movie laughter really is the best medicine. Catch it on Apple TV Plus.

From the guy who brought us Knives Out the new series Poker Face follows Charlie, who has this extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying, hits the road and with every stop encounters strange crimes she can’t help but investigate and solve. Creator Rian Johnson says Charlie played by Natash Lyonne, is doing more than just finding out who committed the crime, but how it happened. The series is now playing on Peacock.

For fans of the supernatural, Teen Wolf: The Movie, continues the story after the original showed ended back in 2017. A new evil has emerged and Scott McCall no longer a teenager, but still the alpha is working to bring together new allies and old friends together to take on this new threat. Questions rise, if Allison could be connect to this new evil? The movie also rumored to serve as a bouncing off point to another new series Wolf Pack.

And Wolf Pack staring Sarah Michelle Gellar follows detective Kristin, as she tries to uncover the real reason why a wildfire in the mountains of California started. The wildfire happening during a full moon, also wakes up a terrifying supernatural creature, with a group of teens getting caught in the middle, and it’s Kristin’s job to find out how the teens are connected. Both Teen Wolf: The Movie and Wolf Pack are now streaming on Paramount Plus.