Governor Lombardo delivers his first ‘State of the State’ address

Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 10:18 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “I am here to say to you tonight our state of the state is growing stronger every day.”

With that Nevada’s 31st Governor Joe Lombardo delivered a roadmap on just how Nevada will keep its strength over his four-year term.

He talked about his state budget and said for every dollar spent, more than a dollar would be saved. He told law makers he would suspend Nevada’s fuel tax for one year--automatically saving consumers money at the pump. He also said he would cut the modified business tax from 15% to 1.17% hoping to alleviate financial burdens on Nevada businesses.

The savings Lombardo says are designed to fortify Nevada’s rainy day fund.

“I regret to say but Nevada will face additional instability, and we won’t be able to, nor should we rely on, federal bailouts to fund government,” he told the Nevada Assembly Chambers.

The Governor then spent much of his time on education, vouchers, student choice and educational accountability. On this, Democratic leadership would choose to differ.

“If we cannot put a qualified teacher in every classroom, I do not know why we would ever entertain an idea to take public dollars away from those kids who deserve an education and put it towards a private corporation,” said Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro.

Governor Lombardo talked about election integrity in the state. Calling for voter ID and saying mail-in ballots should not be counted if they arrived after the polls close on Election Day.

Again, that is probably a non-starter with the legislative majority.

“50% of Nevadans cast their ballot by mail last time,” said Speaker of the House Steve Yeager. “That’s 500,000 Nevadans. That’s Democrats, Republicans, and non-partisans alike. That was a lot of red meat with the same things we always hear, fraud, fraud, fraud with no evidence.”

Areas the two sides may be able to agree on: Pay increases for state workers. Money for educating Nevada’s workforce of the future, and funds for mental health programs and facilities.

Senator Cannizzarro and Speaker Yeager say they were disappointed the Governor did not mention affordable housing, or women’s reproductive rights in tonight’s speech, or increases in teachers’ pay.

While the Governor did not mention those topics, be assured the legislature will take them up. The ball will then be back in the Governor’s court as bills will await his signature.