Get Fit With John: KOLO 8′s John Macaluso pukes during first ever hot Pilates class

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 10:28 AM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - KOLO 8′s Morning Break is kicking off a new segment called Get Fit With John. The segment will spotlight fun ways to get fit in Northern Nevada.

This month, I dropped in on a Lifted class at Juice Box Yoga in Reno. It’s a lot like Hot Pilates, but a little more intense.

“This class has more cardio,” said Maddison Paul, an instructor at Juice Box Yoga. “We do a bit more weightlifting as well and we’ll do plyometrics, so we’ll be jumping through class.”

This was my first time in a lifted class and my first time doing any kind of cardio since summer of last year. The first thing I noticed walking in was the heat and, with the cold weather we’ve been seeing, you can actually see it from outside.

“It adds an extra element and it’s also really great to stretch and do workouts in the heat,” said Paul. “It’s great for your muscles, especially the stretching. It’s a much safer way of stretching.”

I started sweating right away and kept up with the class pretty well at first. After 10 minutes however, I really started feeling the effects of the heat. Throughout the hour long class, I threw up twice! Because of that, I cad to step out of class and give myself a few minutes to recover. Despite that, I still had fun and was very sore over the next couple days.

A couple regulars say they couldn’t recommend the class enogh.

“The heat is amazing, said Marcos Cota. “If you have any kind of joint pain or anything of the sort, it kind of alleviates it and makes it so much better than going to the gym. I 10 out of 10 recommend.”

Kylie Peterson agreed, saying, “I just love the circuit training. Everything’s different every time I come in. You can add weights, you can add bands. I also like the mental aspect too. I think the heat provides another challenge.”

My first experience with lifted wasn’t perfect, but don’t let it scare you away. It’s a great way to keep fit.

“It’s just being a beginner,” said Paul. “Anything that you’re new at is just going to be different. We have a lot of students who have never worked out before and they come here and they do awesome. So you really have to listen to your body, that’s a big thing and you can’t let your ego get into it. You gotta just take a break, take a breather, sit down, lie down, drink some water.”

You can learn more about Juice Box Yoga here.