‘Shell Shock’ restaurant owner says he won’t pass egg prices on to customers

Published: Jan. 12, 2023 at 4:21 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -Seven days a week from seven to two in the afternoon, Fortino Rojas and his staff prepare breakfast and lunch for their customers.

These days the high price of eggs has not gone unnoticed by the owner of Fortis Cafe.

“So this is part of the breakfast menu,” he says as he points to the double-sided laminated menu. “There is like 20 items, all the items have eggs.” He remembers a time when a case of eggs cost him $9.99. But that was tens of dollars ago. “I checked the price a couple of days ago it’s $87.00.”

The highest was? $102.00. Nothing to do but pay it he says. More than half of the breakfast and lunch menu items include eggs.

He takes it in stride, he says, and continues to make his three egg omelets and his crunchy French Toast.

There are no plans to charge customers more or to change the items on his menu. He believes he will make up for the price of eggs with a belief in God.

“It’s going to be better,” says Rojas. “It’s going to be much better. Because day by day once again, I got new customers. I got new faces. And once again, people stop by the first time. For sure they are coming back, and they bring me more people.”

When it comes to his goals for Fortis Cafe, Rojas says despite the price, he’s putting all his eggs in one basket.