Permanent holiday lighting new trend

Published: Dec. 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Love your neighbor despite the fact their Christmas lights are up after the holidays?

These days lighting landscapers say the newest trend is permanent holiday lighting.

“Really big uptick in people wanting to a permanent holiday type lighting over your traditional,” says Matt Burns with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

Like all holiday lighting it starts with a ladder and lights.

But keep in mind with this lighting it’s a one-time shot--so it is safer. Burns says the LEDS cost less to run. They don’t give off a lot a heat and they rarely burn out.

The installation takes time as lighting landscapers take their time and try to have the track blend into the building.

Once in place, that’s where technology takes over.

“It is Cloud based,” says Burns. “So, it is very easy. It comes with hundreds of different programs. It’s very customizable too. So, you can do literally anything you want color wise. You can even control the LED to the individual LED if you want. Very flexible very customizable.”

Burns says this year he’s noticed a real demand for Christmas lighting.

And many customers have made the switch to permanent holiday lighting. The new concept is not just for Christmas, but for all other holidays as well. If your team makes it to the Super Bowl, you can light your house to reflect that too. It’s not cheap.

But the Executive Pastor of Summit Christian Church tells me after a lot of reflection, they went for it.

“So there is some initial outlay of funds,” says Will Wallace Executive Pastor of Summit Christian Church. “More than what we would typically spend in a year for lighting. But we know we will recoup that in less than four years.”