Nevada DMV not impacted by new Real I.D. deadline

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 4:25 PM PST
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Established back in 2005 by Congress, it set forth uniform identification standards for all 50 states to follow. That way identification presented at say the airport could be trusted.

The DMV’s Kevin Malone says here in Nevada we have a more than 70% compliance with Real I.D.

“There is a lot of security behind the scenes that you don’t see,” says Malone. “We do a lot of checks like verify your social security number. And there are a lot of requirements for background checks and things like the physical security card bytes. So, there is quite a bit of security going on with Real I.D.”

Malone says residents must provide the same amount of documentation for either a Nevada I.D. or a Real I.D. The only difference is the customer chooses one or the other. The Real I.D. issued from Nevada has a star in the upper right-hand corner.

Other states conduct their business differently. The federal government has noticed in those other states, there’s only a 40% Real I.D. compliance. Which is why Homeland Security has pushed out the deadline from 2023 to May of 2025.

That deadline really is for the agencies or federal buildings who want Real I.D. only from states who have met the set identification standards.

But Malone says keep in mind, there will be other forms of I.D. that will be accepted.

“Real I.D is optional,” says Malone. “The TSA and the federal government accept other documents like a passport or a military I.D. But if you want to use your driver’s license or I.D. card as your proof of identity to board an airplane or get into a federal building it will have to be Real I.D. compliant.”

The DHS says it is working with states who are falling short of meeting the uniform identification requirements set down by Real I.D. in order to meet the 2025 deadline.

Here in Nevada, we’ve been doing it right for nearly 10 years.